sábado, 18 de octubre de 2014

Taku Towers 2014 Juneau Alaska

In late August 2014, Jared Carlson and myself took a trip to The Taku Towers. We planned to try and climb a line called The Magic Line (IV 5.9 A1) that ascends up the southeast face of the Northern Taku Tower. The line was first climbed by Michael Wolf and Stefan Ricci back in 2000, since then it most likely has not seen another ascent. Our tip was quite interesting... route finding, some big loose blocks, run out, mossy and grassy cracks and falling rocks in the distance... but the rock quality was awesome the setting was surreal, being located on the Juneau Ice Field 15 miles from the nearest person. The Taku Towers are two majestic spires of granite that protrude from the barren wasteland of ice surrounding them. The wall is about nine pitches and we were only able to ascend five before we ran out of time. Next summer we are going back stronger, faster, and ready with a mindset of what to expect... Or will bring bivi gear... haha. But check out the little vid about the adventure.

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