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Old Man of Hoy (BBC outside broadcast)

The Great Climb : The Old Man of Hoy outside broadcast

On 8-9 July 1967, 15 million people watched one of the most audacious BBC outside broadcasts ever undertaken - the climbing of the 'Old Man of Hoy'. A team of six climbers was filmed ascending a spectacular 450-foot sea stack off the Orcadian island of Hoy in a live broadcast that has been likened to an early example of what we now know as 'reality television'. The programme featured three pairs of climbers: Bonington and Patey repeated their original route, whilst two new lines were climbed, by Joe Brown and Ian McNaught-Davis, and by Pete Crew and Dougal Haston.

As academic Paul Gilchrist has described the groundbreaking event: "It connected an armchair audience with the elite of a sport subculture intent on conquering one of Britain's most spectacular geological treasures".


Ron Fawcett ay his peak in the climbing on the breathtaking limestone walls of the Verdon Gorge of Southern France.

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Scale Yosemite's El Capitan in Google Maps with Alex Honnold, Lynn Hill,...

Get ready to climb El Capitan, a 3,000 foot rock wall in Yosemite National Park, California. Join legendary climbers Alex Honnold, Lynn Hill, and Tommy Caldwell as they scale the sheer vertical face at

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David Lama en la primera ascensión de "Avaatara" 9a, en el cañón de Baat...

La última aventura de David Lama se llama 'Avaatara'. Con este nombre bautizó su encadenamiento, una ruta de 9a abierta en el cañón de Baatara, en el Líbano. La zona, situada en Tannourine, a 75 kilómetros al norte de Beirut, es un paisaje alucinante plagado de cascadas, arcos naturales y una combinación espectacular de colores y plantas. A David le recordó a la película 'Avatar', y de ahí su nombre

Entrevista a Markus Pucher tras intentar la primera invernal en solitari...

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CLIMBING THE NOSE - Jorg Verhoeven's ascent of the most famous route in ...

In October of 2014, Jorg Verhoeven spent 30 days in Yosemite Valley, California with one goal in mind; Make a free ascent of The Nose (5.14), on El Capitan, arguably one of the world's most famous climbs. Join Jorg as he explains why this route is so hard, what keeps people from climbing this iconic route free, and what he personally invested into his remarkable ascent. Tommy Caldwell and Lynn Hill help narrate this incredible story of determination and perseverance that ultimately leads to the 5th free ascent of The Nose. Produced By Louder Than Eleven ( Original Score by: Fizzix Productions (

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WHY CLIMB? the movie

WHY CLIMB? the movie

The Sandstone Climbing Culture :-)

Celkem pomalu to plyne a akcnich scen je tam poskrovnu, ale Modri vedi... ;-)
"Welcome Home (Sanitarium)", de Metallica ( • )

Arctic Dreams

, four very excited South Africans and one grumpy Scottish sea dog set sail for the adventure of their lives. After crossing the Atlantic from Scotland, the team did several big wall climbs on the west coast of Greenland and north coast of Baffin Island. The most notable ascent was Improbability Drive on Impossible Wall in Greenland, a new free route that took nine days of continuous living on the wall to complete.

The team then spent another 3 months on Dodo's Delight (their 33ft fiberglass sailboat) winding their way through the Arctic islands of Northern Canada to complete the Northwest Passage to Alaska.

The project is sponsored by First Ascent Clothing, Beal, Black Diamond and Saltic, Mountain Club of South Africa, Gina Watkins Memorial Trust, Shipton Tillman Goretex Award, Clif Bar, Vega Products and Five Ten.

Big Wall free climbing adventures in Yosemite

A mish mash of footage from El Cap, Yosemite with Hazel Findlay, James Mchaffie, Neil Dyer and James Lucas

Road to Free Rider - A climbing movie by Oli Lyon

Nathan Murphy and myself went to Yosemite for 4 weeks climbing with the goal of having a look at Freerider on El Cap. This is our story..
Like Oli's on Facebook for updates:

Chalk Life Vol.1 Full Movie

Chalk Life Vol.1 takes you all over New Mexico The Land Of Enchantment

The Sansara Route: Climbing Movie (FullHD) I VAUDE

2012 wiederholt Extremkletterer „Heli" Kotter die Kletter-Route „Sansara", ein alpines Juwel mitten in Lofer. Der Extremkletterer "Heli" Kotter hat bereits Kletter-Routen wie „Bellavista" & "Pan Aroma" an der westlichen Zinne hinter sich & ist seither auf der Jagd nach neuen alpinen Abenteuern, das nächste hat er mit "Sansara" gefunden. "Sansara" ist physisch & psychisch eine echte Kletter-Herausforderung.

2012 climbs extreme climber "Heli" Kotter the climbing route "Sansara", an alpine jewel in Lofer. The extreme climber "Heli" Kotter has already climbed routes like "Bellavista" & "Pan Aroma" and is since then hunting the next climbing adventure, which he found with "Sansara". "Sansara" is a physically & psychologically a real climbing-challenge.

World's Hardest Climb Goal of Yosemite Wall Climber

Prior to getting on the Dawn Wall in Yosemite National Park, the most difficult "big wall" objective in the world, Kevin Jorgeson had a very different climbing focus and style. It all changed when he was approached by Tommy Caldwell to partner up and take on the impossible.

Outlook: Alex Honnold - Living the Dream

For Alex Honnold living in a van IS living the dream. Find out how he makes a living on climbing and where to find his favorite climb. Watch the full interview Thursday at 10pm ET on Outlook:

Sufferfest: 700 Miles of Pain and Glory - Nat Geo Live

In the harsh desert of the American Southwest, famed climbers Alex Honnold and Cedar Wright summited 45 rock towers, biked 700 miles, and pushed their bodies to the limits, all in the name of an adventure they aptly dubbed "Sufferfest."

Eureka Wall w/ Hazel and Alex

In March 2015, Hazel Findlay and Alex Honnold visited Australia to climb at Mount Arapiles and The Grampians. We caught up with them, just a few days before their departure, at the awesome Eureka Wall in the Southern Grampians to hear about their trip and check out some new and old classics. Unfortunately, Hazel's shoulder injury prevented her from leading anything on the day but we look forward to her post-surgery return sometime in the future!

Climbs featured: Archimedes Principle, Pavlov's Dog, Pythagoras' Theorem.

Music track 'Psychotica' by Bootleg Rascal used with kind permission of the band. Please feel free to check out more of their work at or on Spotify, Soundcloud, iTunes and Triple J Unearthed.

Produced and edited by Brett Williams.
Shot by Brett Williams and Eugene Perepletchikov.

Hazel Findlay, Spice Girl. First Female E9 - Scary!

Hazel Findlay became the first woman to climb a British E9 (hard and scary!) with her ascent of Once Upon A Time In The Southwest, near Devon, UK. This is an excerpt from the REEL ROCK 8 Film SPICE GIRL, presented by Sterling Rope. Buy RR8 on DVD or HD Dowload here: Featuring music by The Gaucho + The Gremlin, SACW, and Abel Okugawa.

Reel Rock: King Lines, Part 2

See why Chris Sharma is one of the world's best climbers as he searches for the hardest and most beautiful route in the world: The King Line. Watch Reel Rock Sundays at 9:30pm:

Ashima Shiraishi - World’s Best Female Rock Climber?

The climbing world is buzzing as 13-year-old Ashima Shiraishi has begun to conquer some of the world's hardest climbs. Here is her profile from Reel Rock, when at age 9 she was beginning to make waves.

EXTREME Climbing Chris Sharma AMAZING

Rock Climbing by Chris Sharma Extreme climbing
it is pure awesome ness how Chris Sharma is climbing those stupidly flat mountains fast and fun
this is the best of rock climbing ever. CLIMBING IS COOL
Extreme Outdoor

Radiohead - Climbing Up the Walls - Sub Español

"Ed O'Brien sintió que la atmósfera gótica del tema más siniestro de Radiohead fue el resultado de grabar en la biblioteca de St. Catherine's Court (luego Yorke diría que la casa estaba embrujada). La percusión, lisa y plana, señalan las influencias krautrock que llegarían a su máximo en Hail To The Thief y las letras de Yorke parecen venir de la mente perturbada de un asesino serial (Abre tu calavera, allí estaré). Así mismo, la inspiración del espeluznante final de cuerdas fue el compositor moderno Krzysztof Penderecki, cuyos trabajos también aparecen en la banda sonora de The Shining de Stanley Kubrick. [Marzo 2008]
La sección de cuerdas, interpretada solo por Jonny, posee 16 violines tocando a un cuarto de tono de diferencia.
"Climbing up the walls" significa estar tensionado, desesperado, enojado, que estás haciendo figurativamente lo imposible

whoop whoop in the woods

bouldering in magic wood....
nice boulders...
senseless interviews....
nice people...
and a lot of fun

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To the Limit (Part1)

45 mnts de doku...Speed Climbing by the Huber brothers (Alex & Thomas) at "El Capitán" (Yosemite Valley) & at "Cerro Torre" (Patagonia) to the Limit.
Also with the appearance of Chongo Chuck & Dean Potter.

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Heb de Siech - Bouldering in Switzerland

¿Quién no conoce los problemas : Fontainebleau está demasiado lejos .
10 kilometros atasco de tráfico en el San Gotardo . Llena madera mágica . ¿Por qué todo el estrés ?
" He de Siech " es un documental sobre boulder en zonas suizos principalmente centrales. ¿Quién no oyó hablar de Barti Wuersch ,
Stephan Schibli y Pesche Wüthrich ha oído debe cerrar esta brecha educativa .
En 80 minutos de película que le presentan sus mejores áreas y Boulder . Además , tienen por supuesto que contar mucho más.
Esperamos primeras ascensiones y problemas existentes en Lindental , Murgtal , Kander , en el Grimselpass , el Engelberg y muchos
otras areas.
La película está libre de publicidad y tiene aproximadamente 2 años el tiempo de trabajo a sus espaldas.

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Park Life - Yosemite Bouldering

Jon Krakauer wrote, "In any human endeavor, some fraction of it's practitioners will be motivated to pursue that activity with such concentrated focus and unalloyed passion that it will consume them utterly. As a result of this infatuation, existence overflows with purpose. Through immoderation, he experiences something akin to rapture."
Yosemite Valley has long been regarded as the holy land for climbers and boulderers throughout the world. The origins of rock climbing lie in the 3000-foot granite walls lining the valley and the boulders that sit strewn about below these staggering monoliths.
In the late weeks of November, the Louder Than 11 crew gathered from all corners of the country to experience Yosemite Valley bouldering. As a group of passionate individuals, we enveloped ourselves in the landscape for two weeks, attacking boulders as if tomorrow would never come. On the surface, the very foundation of our identities is built on rock climbing—a sport that we believe is the greatest on the planet—but there is much more to this seemingly inherent addiction than meets the eye.
With Park Life, we strive to answer this age-old, omnipresent question: Why? By combining difficult climbing, captivating visuals, and engaging music under the all-encompassing umbrella of a professional production company, we hope to portray a unique lifestyle that has given us all a palpable sense of unwavering purpose. The long-lasting friendships, incessant failure and equally abundant success, reckless commitment and dedication driven to the point of complete and utter irresponsibility; it's an eternal battle. We do it because we love it. At LT11 our media is always free, whether you like it or not.


Rutledge uno de los astronautas del Apolo 20 afirma que ellos (con el cosmonauta soviético, Lexei Leonov) desembarcaron un módulo Lunar (hecho en rusia) cerca de la nave extraterrestre y que realmente entrarón en él. Ciertos artefactos fueron descubiertos y recuperados, incluyendo dos cuerpos que alegaba eran los "pilotos"-- uno estaba en excelente condición y parecía ser femenina. Un segundo cuerpo estaba demasiado deteriorado para ser recuperado y solo se recuperó la cabeza. La ser femenina ha sido nombrada, "Mona Lisa".

"Entramos en el interior de la gigantesca nave espacial, y también entramos en otra nave triangular que se encontraba dentro de la gran nave. La exploración determinó que se trataba de una nave nodriza muy antigua, que navegó el espacio hace por lo menos 1.5 millones de años. Habían muchas señales de biología en su interior, encontramos vestigios de antiquísima vegetación en una especie de "motor" en la sección donde estaban. También encontramos rocas especiales triangulares que emitían "lágrimas" de un líquido amarillo que aparentemente tienen algunas propiedades medicinales especiales y por supuesto, restos de otras criaturas extra solares".

This is KiteSURFING

Patagonia ambassador Reo Stevens gives us an in depth look into making the most out of marginal conditions. Kitesurfing is not a replacement for surfing, simply an extension of it; the conditions for one are only ideal when they are not for the other. By using the kite as a means to harness one of surfing's imperfections, surfers can increase their water time and maximize their wave count. Other riders include Keahi De Aboitiz, Ian Alldredge and Patrick Rebstock.

Defined by the Line

Josh Ewing began visiting the Bears Ears region of southeastern Utah to climb at Indian Creek and explore the local archaeology. But when he moved to the town of Bluff, he saw degradation from oil drilling, looting, and careless visitors. Ewing knew simply loving a place was no longer enough

Defined by the Line (Trailer)

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Hiking Smith Rock 360 Video

On an amazing spring day in eastern Oregon, 360 Labs co-founder, Thomas Hayden, and Gavin Farrell, host of The Panographers, spent the day shooting panoramic imagery at Smith Rock State Park, Oregon's premier rock climbing area. This 360º video experience takes you to high above the Crooked River on the basalt cliffs for sweeping views of the Cascade Range.

360 Camera | Eiger North Face – Difficult Crack

PLEASE NOTE: To view the 360 degree experience please make sure you are watching on the latest version of Google Chrome on your desktop or the latest version of Android on your smart phone.

Eiger North Face 3970M – Heckmair Route – Difficult Crack 2650M

One of the key passenges of the Eiger North Face is the 30 to 40 m long step „Difficult Crack“. Climbing the almost vertical rock formation is the first significant difficulty encountered when ascending via the Heckmair route.

Degree of difficulty: IV-V
Conditions: Brittle slopes and bands
Gradient: 80°

Experience the full #project360:

Mammut Making Of Key Visual Matterhorn 2015 EN (long version)

Moose's Tooth - Dani Arnold and David Lama in Alaska

In 2013 Dani Arnold and David Lama teamed up for an expedition to Alaska and were able to realize a spectacular first ascent right away. With their route new route "Bird of Prey" Arnold and Lama manage to pull off the first line through the central headwall of the 1500-meter east face of Mosse's Tooth.

Speed Record Matterhorn 2015

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James Pearson Repeats Italian E9 Trad Route "Is Not Always Pasqua" | Epi...

It maybe be a bit chilly in most parts of Europe but in the reasonably balmy conditions of central Italy, James Pearson has made a free ascent of Mauro Calibani's route, 'Is not always Pasqua', at Collina di Interprete.

The route was first climbed in 2002 after the first ascensionist had watched the legendary film 'Hard Grit' and had been over to the Peak District to sample it for himself, before returning to Italy to climb 'Is not always'. He graded it E9 7a (hard) and it has only been repeated once before this, by Christian Brenna.

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James Pearson on JOY DIVISION_the full version

Full version of the first "one push" ascent of Joy Division linee by James Pearson on Qualido big wall.
The linee was freed in 2003 by Simone Pedeferri.
This is the 2nd rp of the route.

Dave MacLeod The Walk of Life E9

Dave MacLeod working and leading The Walk of Life E9 6c, Devon

Echo wall with Dave MacLeod

Nicolas Favresse, trad climbing in Wales

Belgian climber Nicolas Favresse talks trad climbing on Gogarth and Dinas Cromlech in Wales, including a massive fall from Nightmayer E8 6c. Clip taken from the award winning film "Onsight" by Alastair Lee,

True Grip. Curbar Headpoints - Nathan Lee.

'True Grip' series of short films.

Part 6 features Nathan Lee who has been on great form recently managing to bag an impressive number of high grade Gritstone routes in and around the English Peak District including:Meshuga, Gaia, Nah'han, Appointment With Death and his own new route at WimberryUnknown Stones.

'CurbarHeadpointing' follows Nathan as he makes headpoint style ascents of Knockin' On Heaven's Door (E8) and The Zone (E9) at Curbar edge in some very cold and windy November conditions.

Nah'han E8 6C

Nah'han E8 6C
Uploaded by DrawdeRemah
Sam climbing the modern classic Nah'han (E8 6C) Gardoms Edge, Peak District Uk!

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Oriane passe au 8ème degré bloc à 9 ans ! The Hatchling the film

Kleinfontein à Rocklands... Début janvier. En plein été austral le grès de Rocklands reste potable grâce à une grande quantité de réglettes qui limitent les dégâts. Oriane (9 ans) se colle et résout en 4 séances les problèmes du "plus beau bloc du monde" : The Hatchling 8A !!

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Leopoldo Gasparotto: uomo, alpinista, combattente

Modisca (MOntagne di SCAtti) è un database che raccoglie foto, documenti, filmati, interviste di personaggi dell'alpinismo lombardo.
Il patrimonio attualmente acquisito è di circa 25.000 foto, 30 filmati storici, 12.000 scansioni da riviste e libri storici, 20 interviste filmate a personaggi dell'alpinismo lombardo, basi di dati e 500 pagine di cronaca alpinistica