jueves, 20 de marzo de 2014

Dangerous climbing #24

First outside boulder session for this years outdoor season! I start a little bit more early then most people, i start in March ;) You all know I have a serious vertical addiction!

I made something really stupid but exciting, watch and see!

Reach your summit whit Lostarrow!

Follow my journey to become the strongest climber I possibly can be! Every advice I give is based on my own hard work and experience!

* Sleep sufficient (7-12 hours)
* Eat whole, fresh,ripe, raw fruit and vegetables
* Drink sufficient water (white colored pee)
* Climb as much as you can
* Climb smart and efficient to avoid injuries and get more rapid overall improvements
* Find other awrsome climbers to evolv whit
* Most important have fun and respect the nature! JA,JA,JA,JA,JUAS...K LES DEN...¡¡

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